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Gold, Silver: Stability, Freedom.

Presenting AgAu AG: Pioneering the Future of Precious Metal Ownership since 2018. Our distinguished platform grants discerning investors direct digital ownership of LBMA-quality metals, securely stored in Switzerland. Guided by a commitment to excellence and innovation, we redefine investment paradigms, offering elegance, transparency, and security in wealth management.


AgAu values Integrity and Transparency with a commitment to Truth and Justice.


AgAu’s vision is to create a world with an open and reliable electronic peer-to-peer sound money system based on gold and silver.


AgAu’s mission is to create a superior form of money enabling more economic freedom for everyone to preserve and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

How it works?


The distributed ledger technology is efficient in eliminating central points of failure. Banks and governments have exclusive control of the monetary mass and the creation of fiat. Governments have also the sole discretion over the use of its legal tender. Gold and silver are self-sovereign and not subject to a single jurisdiction.


Records in the blockchain are public and immutable. The cryptographic nature of distributed ledgers ensures an unchangeable audit trail of previous transactions by creating an incorruptible and transparent single source of data.

Straight Through Processing

Smart contract technology are a series of predefined conditions in the form of electronic contracts written in code. This allows to eliminate human error when executing a contract. Participating parties agree on the code and the code will execute its function when the appropriate conditions are met.