Gold-Backed Blockchain Payment System as SWIFT Alternative


₳u: 100% backed by Physical & Allocated Gold LBMA quality bullion bars


Physical Bars held securely in private regulated vaults in Switzerland. Allowing full money reserves where private property is guaranteed.

Always available

Near-instant Blockchain based settlement layer operating 24/7


1:1 for  ₳u = Gold (1kg or 400oz bars)  ₳g = Silver (1kg or 1000oz bars)

Why choose AgAu?
  • Stable & Reliable

    AgAu tokens are fully backed by physical precious metals, ensuring transparency and stability. Regular audits confirm the reserves.

  • Instant Transactions

    Transactions using AgAu tokens settle almost instantly worldwide, offering a faster alternative to traditional banking systems.

  • Low Cost

        AgAu enables near-zero transaction fees,             making global payments more affordable.             

  • Global Accessibility

    Anyone with internet access and a digital wallet can use AgAu, offering financial inclusion to underserved markets.

  • Widespread Utility

           AgAu tokens can be used across various           platforms and applications, enhancing their             utility.     

  • Global Reach

    AgAu enables cross-border payments, financial inclusion, and participation in the precious metals market with ease and security. Direct Ownership of Allocated Precious Metals

Allocated Bars
Stable and Secure


Unlike other countries with a history of confiscation, Switzerland is trusted due to its strong private property laws and its system of direct democracy.


Other “stablecoin issuers” use the funds and assets (non-allocated) they receive to generate profits for themselves. In contrast, each AgAu token represents direct ownership of ALLOCATED bars stored in regulated Swiss Vault, accessible all year round.


The permission-less Blockchain based settlement layer allows for near-instant clearing of payments within an encrypted system operating 24h a day without interruption or bank holidays.

AgAu PAY App

Start using Gold (₳u) and Silver (₳g ) money as base money for all your transactions, savings and remitances.