Today, close to 2 billion people still lack access to financial services. The continuous struggle to overcome chronic poverty and inequality worldwide triggered international organizations to create and adopt the international Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that must be accomplished by 2030. It is our conviction that the root cause of poverty is a lack of access to a  sound financial system that leaves no one behind. We cannot tackle the first of SDGs – No Poverty – if we continue to ignore the fundamental flaws of our current financial system.

Our SDG Targets

Our SDG Targets
  • Bringing back credibility and trust in the country’s commercial transactions
  • Providing country constituencies with stable money
  • Accessible directly through mobile phone.
Our SDG Targets
  • Ease access to international investments and innovations
  • Builds a capacity to focus on sustainable growth and reduce inequalities.
  • Without a need for a bank account.
Our SDG Targets

Project Mission

AgAu is determined to create an ecosystem where hard- working people can execute transactions instantly in a transparent and permission- less system. Digital inclusion and financial stability are intrinsic to AgAu’s core values. AgAu ensures direct ownership of precious metals, transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness while contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Read our AgAu For SDGs Report for more details.

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