Henry Erimodafe

Investor & Member of The Board Of Directors


Mr. Erimodafe is Founding Partner and Chief Executive at Alva Wealth, as well as Managing Director/Chief Risk Officer at Inova Capital AG.

Prior to his actual position at Alva Wealth Limited, Mr. Erimodafe was the President of the BoD and Chief Executive of UBS Nigeria. He led UBS’s business development and client cultivation for Nigeria and more broadly in West Africa. Between 2008 – 2015, he was Head of Innovation and Client Services, covering all of UBS Global Emerging Market Business divisions. Previously, he was a Director for Africa at Julius Bär and has led strategic and leadership development functions across other Swiss institutions.

Mr. Erimodafe holds an MBA from the University of Strathclyde, an M.Sc. from Sheffield-Hallam University and is an Alumni of Harvard Business School.