Matching ledger
Banking Unbanked Developing SDG
Technology is a key enabler for many sustainability issues, including the development of positive behavioral changes and stimulating sustainable economic growth. Another crucial component of sustainable economic growth is a resilient and inclusive monetary system. No fiat currency has been able to last three generations without going out of existence or depreciating at least 90%...
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AgAu Gold Silver Blockchain Ethereum Digital
AgAu.io completed its End-to-End Digitalisation and Redemption of LBMA Quality Gold through its Matching Ledger in Switzerland Zug, Switzerland, November 2021:AgAu AG, the company behind AgAu.io: “The Peer-to-Peer, Electronic Money System backed by Silver (₳g) and Gold (₳u)” announces the successful End-to-End Digitalisation and Redemption of the LBMA Quality Gold on the public Ethereum Blockchain....
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