How are AgAu Tokens regulated?

AgAu uses the public Ethereum Blockchain platform. Ethereum Blockchain is the most decentralized Blockchain with the largest ecosystem.

Blockchain technology uses cryptographic security to secure access and transactions within the distributed network. Transactions are verified in a matter of seconds in an immutable ledger that provides full transparency and security to all participants.

The Matching Ledger is publicly available at all times allowing anyone to verify the integrity of the system by proving that no AgAu token has been created without having first proven the assets. The Matching Ledger therefore ensures that the number of tokens outstanding balances with the correspondent assets 1:1.

In order to further ensure security AgAu uses the Smart Contracts. A Smart Contract is developed with predefined conditions in the form of electronic contracts written in code. Straight through processing of Smart Contract allows to automatically update and execute payments or actions when all specific conditions are met.

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