What are the 7 layers of certification proving?

  1. The first layer is that during the Token Generation Ceremony (TGC), all assets need to be proven by the Vault issuing a Stock report
  2. An independent auditor or assayer must certify both the quality and quantity.
  3. A notary must sign therefore providing an extra independent party to reduce operational risk as well as making sure that the legal ownership resides with the token holder
  4. A periodic audit will be conducted to ensure the integrity of the data and physical holdings.
  5. All data is posted in the AgAu Matching Ledger via an IPFS System (decentralised database) and the hash of the files (unique reference) is posted to the blockchain, pinned permanently preventing any possible tampering and rendering them immutable and verifiable.
  6. We will also be working towards “an open-door policy” to allow users to appoint third party auditors of their choice to inspect and verify holdings at their own cost.
  7. Finally, as an ultimate verification, the user can request a redemption with AgAu to receive his physical property and can verify empirically for himself that the bar he redeemed was part of the AgAu system and has been marked (as redeemed) in the AgAu Matching Ledger.

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